Discipline: Eventing;  Breed: Irish Draught X Thoroughbred; Year of Birth: 1984;  Height: 16.3hh; Colour: Black;  Sire: Skippy & nbsp; Dam: Betty (Seven Bells) & nbsp;
Approved: Irish Horse Sport Board;  Graded: ‘Elite’ SHB (GB)

Jumbo has now produced sixty advanced horses, winners of Badminton, Burghley, Kentucky, Bramham, Blenheim and the Rolex Grand Slam.

JUMBO proved himself to be an outstanding sire of sport horses passing on his athleticism, trainability, temperament and jump. 

Jumbo is the leading ‘all time sire’ of competition horses and competing mares in British Eventing (BE). For seven years, from their inception in 2008 to 2014, he was ranked in the top ten of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) Eventing Sire Rankings and for six of those was the highest ranked British-bred stallion. Jumbo has 9 graded sons in the UK. He has sired the winners of the World’s leading 4* events, Badminton, Burghley and Lexington as well as the winners of the UK’s leading 3* at Bramham and Blenheim. Over the years he has produced many advanced event horses. Among his best-known progeny are, Mr Chunky, Avebury and Headley Britannia (see Progeny below). Jumbo’s versatility is also evident, siring winning dressage horses, showjumpers and show horses; the mare Vulcanite was the 2016 Working Hunter Champion at Royal Windsor.

Jumbo was an International Advanced Eventer with many wins including the prestigious Young Horse Trophy at Lion D’Angers (France) in 1991, he is the only British bred stallion to have achieved this title. He also won the Dressage and Showjumping Championships at Blenheim. He whipped in with the Bicester Hunt and even did a Christmas pantomime with Carl Hester. As a 5 year old he won the Masterlock Potential Dressage Horse.

  • Mr Chunky ridden by Padraig McCarthy – Individual Silver at The World Equestrian Games as well as Team Silver for Ireland in 2018
  • Avebury ridden by Andrew Nicholson – Won Burghley on a record three consecutive occasions (2012 -2014)
  • Headley Britannia ridden by Lucinda Fredericks – the 15.3hh mare won all 3 Rolex Grand Slam events, Burghley in 2006, Badminton in 2007 and Kentucky in 2009
  • Headley Kingdom  – 4* eventer and Bramham winner
  • Henry Tankerville  – 4* eventer, ridden by Andrew Nicholson
  • Skylight  – Winner of Young Rider European Team Gold (2008)
  • Other advanced progeny include; Allercombe Ellie, selected for the British 3-day event team for Rio (sadly withdrawn due to injury), Foxdon Sunny Jim competing Nations Cup (Sam Griffiths), 3* horse Sambo III, Advanced winner Dunbeau, Jollybo competing 3* in the USA and Jumbo’s Jake (3* winner, competing at four-star in the USA)

WBFSH Eventing Sire Ranking

Jumbo has an impresive record

2018  -  11
2017  -  12
2016  -  5
2015  -  23
2014  -  6
2013  -  4
2012  -  6
2011  -  4
2010  -  10
2009  -  2
2008  -  6

Breeders Trophy

Each year at the AGM we now present this wonderful Breeders Trophy to highlight the achievements of someone - human or horse - that we believe has made a difference to British breeding.

While much has been written about this years recipient, we thought it was time that his owner was recognised with a prize to highlight the achievements of the colt that she bought at Malvern sales in 1984.

It is that astonishing that 35 years have passed since his first offspring was registered with SHB(GB) and yet they are still competing and winning. His genes are still much evident in British breeding which is why we feel he is a worthy winner. Even at this year's Badminton his presence will be evident in both the bloodlines of competition horses and stallions taking part in the SHB(GB) parade.

Bred by Archie Smith-Maxwell our stallion was born in 1984. He was acquired as a weaning and had one owner thereafter till his death in 2015. Aged five his own talent came to the fore when he won the Masterlock 'potential dressage horse'. Ridden by Andrew Nicholson at seven-years-old he won the young horse trophy at Le Lions and completed Boekelo 3* in 15th place. He then competed in showjumping with William Funnell and dressage with Lizzie Murray before concentrating on stud duties and turning out for the occasional stallion parade and even a turn in a Christmas pantomime. He soon proved himself a useful sire especially when put to a thoroughbred mare. These numbers say it all

  • He currently has 442 direct offspring registered with SHB(GB) and plenty more registered with other societies
  • He is the leading all-time sire of horses registered with British Eventing - having sired at least 416 registered offspring of which 60 were Grade 1, including the record breaking horses Avebury consecutive three-time winner of Burghley, and the mare Headley Britannia the only mare to win Badminton, Burghley and Kentucky 5*

  • A few other notable progeny include; Mr Chunky - winner of individual silver at the 2018 World Equestrian Games, Skylight - winner of Young Rider European team gold (2008), Allercombe Ellie, Jollybo and Jumbo's Jake and his current flag bearer Pencos Crown Jewel 11th at Burghley and entered for Badminton this year.

  • Ten stallions that have graded SHB(GB) have his bloodline including his sons Jigilo, Brief Encounter and Free Spirit
  • He has featured in the top of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses leading sire rankings since 2008 - that is 15 years His current standing is 16th

The stallion is of course the outstanding Jumbo and The Breeders Trophy goes to his life-long owner Carolyn Bates.




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JUMBO'S resume and credentials could fill pages and this is just a brief resume of undoubtedly the most proven eventing sire in the UK today. 

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JUMBO proved himself to be an outstanding sire of sport horses passing on his athleticism, trainability, temperament and jump. He is the leading ‘all time sire’ of competition horses in British Eventing (BE) as well as the leading BE ‘all time sire’ of competing mares. For seven years, since their inception in 2008 to 2014, he was ranked in the top ten of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) sire ranking (eventing) and for six of those was the highest ranked British-bred stallion.


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